First Church Service December 20, 2017

As Jesus pointed out to His disciples, the world is ready for harvest.  When we arrive in Nicaragua, our first and main goal is to teach and preach the gospel of Christ.  Our desire is that others may know that Jesus saves and that their lives can become new in Christ.  We want the people of Nicaragua to know Chirst!

Our other desire is to start churches where those who are saved can bring others to hear the gospel.  We will start in our home and as The Lord grows the work, we will branch out with the ultimate goal of establishing an indegenous work.  

In oder for an established church to continue, there must be trained, God-called leadership.  From the beginning, we will pray that The Lord will call and place the right people in all roles of leadership so that the work will remain strong and continue to grow.




Tell Others About Jesus!

Plant Churches!

Train Leadership!

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